Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oscar Moller Returned to Manchester

After making a couple spot starts in the games against Columbus and Dallas, Oscar Moller has been returned to Manchester, where he can continue working on his game.

I think this is a fine decision. While I was somewhat disappointed to see Moller sent to Manchester to begin the season, I think it was the right call. Moller isn't ever going to be an effective fourth-line grinder. That's just not the game that he plays, but he does fill an important role on the team, and can be a legitimate contender on one of the top two or three lines. In all, he responded fairly well to starting the season in Manchester, putting up decent points. This recent call-up is also a good indication that he's on the minds of Murry and Lombardi, and likely will get a couple more call-ups this season when injuries and inconsistency require it.

This demotion is a likely sign that Frolov will be back in the lineup for the next game against Dallas, which should come as a surprise to precisely nobody. The only hope is that the one game sitting on the bench lit a fire under his ass, and is going to get him moving.

Regardless, hopefully Moller's return to Manchester will allow him to continue working on his all-around game, and lead the Monarchs to post-season glory with the other Kings prospects thriving down in the AHL.

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